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Relevant figures

Well drilling (1)

  • 166 PI well compromised
  • 960 Approved Wells in the Exploration and Development Plans

(1)Source: CNH


  • 1P: 7.9 MMMpbce
  • 2P: 15.8 MMMbpce
  • 3P: 25.1 MMMbpce

(2)Source CNH: January 2019.
MMMbpce = Billions of barrels of oil equivalent

Prospective Resources

  • Total 112.9 MMMbpce
  • Conventional 48.7 MMMbpce
  • Non-Conventionals 64.2 MMMbpce

Source CNH: *October 2019
MMMbpce = Billions of barrels of oil equivalent


  • 56.2 kbdp PI Data 06/2020 (3)
  • 280 MBPD PI expected for 2024 (4)

(3) Source CNH, for contractors (excluding Ek-Balam), 2020 data
(4) Source AMEXHI 2019 April estimation


Investment executed
13,688 Investments executed (USDM)

  • 400 Million dollars in CNH exploitation
  • 4,860 Executed investment 2(million dollars)

Approved Investment
40,415 Million dollars
Total Invesment:

  • 4,860 million dollars in executed investment depending on the activities3
  • 2,570 million dollars FMP Payment + IAEEH4
  • 1,671 million dollars PEMEX Transference
  • 4,587 million dollars CNIH and ARES5 Information

(5)Source: CNH. Considered all the current contracts, including strategic Associations and PEMEX migrations. 2Executed investment by September 2019 and FMP Payment by June 2019.
FMP payments includes an estimated of the Exploration and Extraction Activity Tax collected by SAT.
Note: considered all the current contracts, including strategic Associations and PEMEX migrations.
3 Numbers expressed in millions of American dollars.
4 Inverstment in ARES and CNIH by Q1 2020 considering finished and in development projects.
5 Executed investment and FMP payment by Q1 2020.
Historic investment and executed transferences to PEMEX.

Reserve Incorporation

  • By 1st January 2019, the 3 bidding contracts of the round 1 register oil 2P reserves for 1,043 million barrels, and an increase of 4.4 times of what was estimated in their awarding in 2015.
  • The 2P oil reserves of the Ogarrio and Cárdenas-Mora contracts, strategic associations of PEMEX, increased to 25 million barrels.

Source CNH

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Results and prospects of oil contracts.
November 2019

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