About Us


We are a non-profit civil association that brings together the main oil and gas investors and operators in Mexico.

Our affiliated companies have different sizes, areas of expertise, and nationalities; they are interested in investing in Mexico and committed about carrying out safe, responsible, and sustainable operations. Established in Mexico City on February 2015, it currently has about 50 members.


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Our Objective

To encourage the Mexican hydrocarbon industry to develop according to the highest international standards on performance and transparency, for which we aim to share with governmental and academic entities, as well as those belonging to civil society, reflections and analyses of best practices, along with the adoption of public policies that allow this sector to efficiently contribute to the development of a safe and socially responsible industry, committed with Mexico’s sustainable growth.

Competition defense commitment

“The Association’s Policy is to comply with all the applicable laws, including those related to competency and fight against corruption. It is of vital importance that all AMEXHI meetings are led according to this policy”.

Organization Chart

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